Code of Conduct


  • General Responsibilities and Reminders for Parents and Students

    • Involvement of parents in their children’s education is the best contribution that can ensure the success of the school and its educational agenda.
    • Parent volunteers may be needed periodically, and will be contacted by the classroom teacher and/or principal in such situations.
    • Commitment to the school will ensure that we foster an Islamic atmosphere where our children can learn about Islam in the best way possible.
    • Students and their parents are to be emphatically reminded about the importance of regular attendance.
    • Few hours each week are not enough to teach Islamic education and, in addition to enrolling them in this school, we encourage parents to seek additional opportunities for their children to build their faith.
    • We strive to maintain a quiet and organized teaching environment during school hours. Anyone not
    • involved directly in the school will be asked to leave the classrooms and/or hallways.
    • Please encourage your children to use Islamic greetings and language such as “Assalamu Alaikum”, “Alhamdulillah”… etc.