Welcome to the ISSTCC

Islamic Society of Southern Texas (ISST) was founded in 1995, ISST is a non-profit non-political Muslim organization operating exclusively for religious, charitable, educational, and literary purposes. Our mission is to show that religions are not necessarily the main source of every conflict, hostility, and clash among world civilizations, rather, religions can play a major role in restoring world peace, respect, sympathy, trust and peaceful coexistence with different groups when the followers are educated, and guided properly to meet the needs of changing values of tomorrow’s world. ISST is a vibrantly diverse, welcoming community that finds that Corpus Christi is a great place to live. The ISST offers services for Muslims and individuals of all faiths through the AbulQasim Masjid. In addition to the daily prayers and Friday congregational prayers, ISST offers classes in the basics of Islam, Fiqh, the life of the Prophet Muhammad, and more. For those wanting to learn about Islam for the first time, ISST has an excellent outreach program specializing in introductory topics of Islam. ISST also operates Corpus Christi Islamic School “Sunday School” which focuses primarily on mosque-based education. Sunday School is in session every Sunday, except scheduled holidays. Classes are diverse and include Qur’an study and memorization, morals and manners, Introduction to Islam, History of Islam, How to speak Arabic, Hadith (Sayings of Prophet Mohammad PBUH), Fiqh and more.